VIDEO: We helped stop “Stop Patriarchy” from stopping the Walk for Life West Coast

Last week was a wild week, with exhibiting at the March for Life Expo, the Students for Life National Conference and the West Coast Conference, Geaux Forth youth rally as well as participating in the March for Life in Washington, DC and the Walk for Life West Coast.

During the March for Life in DC a small group of abortion supporters, “Stop Patriarchy” was waiting for the pro-lifers when we arrived at the US Supreme Court, near the end of the march.  UNexpectedly, at least from me, they jumped out in front of the march with their signs, banners, bullhorns and whistles and delayed the March for Life for an hour.  Not sure why the cops took an hour to get 8 “Stop Patriarchy” abortion supporters into the wagon and shipped away.  I know from experience when pro-lifers are performing civil disobedience the DC cops don’t take an hour, but I digress.

When we went out to the Walk for Life West Coast we had decided we were going to do all that we could within the limits of the law to not let “Stop Patriarchy” stop or delay this pro-life march.

First we arrived at their protest site with the Students for Life of America huge 5 x 20 foot “WE ARE THE PRO-LIFE GENERATION” & “WE ARE ABORTION ABOLITIONISTS” banner and signs.  First, as you can see by the video below we blocked their signs from being seen by the march itself and onlookers.  Then as the march came down the street we were able to use our signs and bodies to keep the abortion supporters from gaining a foothold in the street in their efforts to stop this march.  After our initial successful attempts the San Francisco police came in and took over for us.  Check out the video below.  The action starts getting intense around 3:47.  At that point you can see me and using my body to keep the abortion supporters and their banner from invading the march.  ENJOY!