VIDEO: Cashier suggests to statutory rapist he crush up Plan B and put in his victims orange juice

Earlier this fall I had the pleasure to work with Students for Life for their Expose Plan B project.  As part of that project I went undercover posing as  a 33 year-old statutory rapist with my “girlfriend” actor, an actual 15 year-old Students for Life volunteer, Ashton.

We visited numerous CVSs, Walgreens and Rite-Aids as well as their pharmacy departments purchasing Plan-B, or the morning-after pill.  We purchased the drug under different scenarios.

The first video of a series of video releases shows Ashton purchasing Plan-B along with Sudafed.  What you will find out from this video is that Ashton needs identification to purchase Sudafed, but not Plan-B.

In the second video release is where I come in.  Here I am purchasing Plan-B with Ashton at my side in various scenes.  In that first scene you will see that I let the cashier know that I will be crushing the drug up and putting it my victim’s drink.  Problem? Nope – SOLD!

In the next scene, which is obviously very disturbing the cashier actually SUGGESTS that I crush up Plan B and put the drug in my victim’s orange juice in the morning. UNBELIEVABLE!

Watch it here:

As you can see, selling Plan-B over the counter to anyone in any circumstance is a major problem.  If I can purchase Plan-B from cashiers and pharmacists knowing I am supposedly going to use it to cover up statutory rape or crush it up and put it in a drink, then this can be done, and most likely has IN REAL LIFE.

It is my hope and prayer that these videos will help expose this ridiculous policy, hopefully initiating laws to pull this drug from being over-the-counter.