VIDEO: 15-year old pro-lifer punched in face by abortion advocate

On Saturday, December 2nd an adult abortion advocate punched a pro-life minor in the face while peacefully, prayerfully and legally being a pro-life presence outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility. This event was caught on camera. Watch shocking video below.

Most every Saturday Purity Thomas (a Students for Life of America High School Fellow), as well as members of the Liberty University Student’s for Life group peacefully pray and hold signs near a Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Roanoke, Virginia. On this Saturday Purity, age 15 was joined by three members.

At first the woman stole a sign that read, “All people are made in the image of God” while threatening them, saying she would beat them up and “f*ck them up.” After taking the sign she came back and punched Purity in the face, which was caught on camera – see below.

Please keep Purity in your thoughts and prayers as she was taken to the ER with concussion type symptoms. Not only keep her health in your thoughts and prayers but also prayers to keep her strong and persistent, especially in the face of these threats and physical intimidation. And finally keep the assailant in your thoughts and prayers as well, that she will be swiftly brought to justice but also that she will have a change of heart, that physically threatening and assaulting people are wrong, especially minors but also that abortion is also a violent act that ends a babies life.

Thank you!

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