Thank you Vans Warped Tour Missionaries

We just wrapped up the first leg of our mission on Vans Warped Tour. On June 16th in Seattle, Washington we began an adventure that took us 6,335 miles, attending 12 Vans Warped Tour stops and conversations with thousands of young people.

At every show thousands of young people would pass by our pop-up tent, hundreds would stop by at each show and ask us questions, fill out our survey, take free wristbands, stickers and tattoos (temporary/removable) and take our poll of when they think human rights should begin.

Most people we would talk to would agree with us at least. You see, we believe that human rights should begin when you begin, which is at conception. Many people would vote for sometime shortly after that, like when the heart starts beating or when brainwaves can be detected. In many instances, simply by voting we could ask why? And then, why not at conception? Sometimes, we were able to persuade them to change their vote from mostly pro-life (when the heart beats and/or when brain waves can be detected) to 100% pro-life – simply with having a follow-up discussion!

So many pro-life seeds were planted, all simply by being there and initiating discussion.

Relationships were also forged with many on the tour who don’t agree with us but appreciate us for some of what we do, like promoting adoption. Kevin Lyman, the owner of the Vans Warped Tour, said even though he is pro-choice and disagrees with most of what we believe in, he supports our pro-adoption efforts and he himself is thankful that his biological mother put him in an adoptive home.

Here are a few of the articles we were featured in regarding our presence on Vans Warped Tour

I want to take this opportunity to thank my team that sacrificed so much this summer to be a voice for the preborn and mothers facing unplanned pregnancy situations. Thank you Hannah, Christen, Klara and Grace for all your hard work. You made huge differences in many people’s lives. I look forward to your next adventures and what’s in store for you. Thank you.

Although we won’t be at most of the remaining Vans Warped Tour dates, we will be at some so stay tuned as more info becomes available.

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