Thank You to our Summer Festival Missionaries for Life!

Summer 2017 was an amazing time for Rock for Life. We attended twenty-four events and talked to thousands of people about abortion and the sanctity of life. By attending events that young people (the prime target of the abortion industry) enjoy, we had a special opportunity to speak into their lives. There, we educated attendees about the vast resources at their disposal, offer an ear to listen to their story, and respond with compassion while partnering with them to make life affirming decisions.

To get a better picture of what this summer looked like, we interviewed two of our amazing Missionaries for Life: Natalie Chesnut and Angelique Clark. Natalie and Angelique were essential to the success of our Summer Music Festivals Team.


Caleb: Alright, girls, introduce yourselves to everyone.

Hi, I’m Natalie and I’m from Hammond, Illinois.

And I’m Angelique. I’m from Las Vegas!


Caleb: So, tell us about being a Missionary for Life.

Natalie: Being a Missionary for Life this summer has been a lot of fun! I got to see a lot of places throughout the U.S., and got to share the prolife message to thousands of people. I have learned many things this summer from working the events and from my coworkers. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

Angelique: I have appreciated and learned from every moment of this trip- the awesome, the crazy, and all the surprises in between. I definitely enjoyed the travel and discovering places I’d been to before in a new and exciting way. Working at the festivals encouraged my ability of engaging in conversation with anyone who had a story to share, or just loved our shirts. One of my absolute favorite aspects of the trip was getting the question “wait, what’s ‘pro-life’?” and being able to inspire others to become activists for the preborn. This was an amazing summer, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to extend my pro-life advocacy nationwide alongside Natalie and Caleb.


Caleb: What was the coolest thing you saw this summer?

Natalie: The coolest thing is not a thing, it’s a band. I got to see Relient K, twice during the festivals. They are one of my favorite bands, so that was a cool little extra to this already awesome trip!

Angelique: The coolest thing I saw this summer was the expression on younger kid’s faces when they saw our human fetal development models and learned that they used to be that size once. Just watching kids of all ages make connections about the movement- whether it was finding out about how many abortions Planned Parenthood performs each day, or seeing how tiny people begin, the coolest thing by far was seeing young people become informed.


Caleb: Now that you’ve driven coast to coast, what was your favorite part of the country?

Natalie: Montana was hands down my most favorite place.

Angelique: I honestly just loved being far from the desert heat for most of the summer, and seeing green stuff/trees was pretty cool.


Caleb: Tell us your favorite story from this summer?

Natalie: Aside from sharing the pro-life message with teens, I think my overall favorite part of this summer was meeting up with the band Set For The Fall at many of our festival stops. Oh, also running to a billion Target stores with Angelique to find her a blue hat.

Angelique: I have two favorite stories. The first one was a conversation I had with a woman who said she was pro-life with exceptions. The exchange we had stood out to me from the other interactions I had had this summer because I was able to directly apply my apologetics knowledge in a realistic setting. She went from pro-life with the exception of rape and life of the mother to entirely pro-life by the time we finished talking- all it took was a calm, compassionate, and fact-filled conversation to change her heart and mind on the issue. My other favorite story was more of a single moment- Natalie had to say something to Caleb who was outside at our campsite, and she was in the driver’s seat. She accidentally opened the back window thinking that it was the front, and hit her head straight into the front window. Totally biffed it; we all laughed.


Caleb: What advice would you give our Missionaries for Life next summer?

Natalie: I’d tell them to be willing to be share their creative ideas and listen to others, not to let stressful moments ruin your day, and sleep on long car rides. Also, fair food sounds tempting, but I promise you it’s the wrong choice.

Angelique: I would say that you definitely should make the most out of each moment you have on the road and at festivals- if you have an idea that would improve the tour- let everyone else know about it. Keep a journal and/or do some form of documentation on a regular basis, like social media, so you can always look back on all your hard work and remember specifics moments or thoughts you had from the summer.


Caleb: What do you plan to do when you get home?

Natalie: Besides working, I will probably spend most the time catching up with my family; especially with my nieces and nephews.

Angelique: I will be stopping at Roberto’s Taco Shop on the drive from the airport to my house. Beyond that though, I’ll be starting college a few weeks later, my job at a photography studio, and working with the UNLV Students for Life group this fall.


Caleb: Why do Pro-lifers need to be at music festivals?

Natalie: I think Pro-lifers need to be where the people are. Specifically, they need to be where millennials are, and you find many younger adults at music festivals. It is such a great, relaxed environment to reach out to people who need to hear the message.  

Angelique: Music festivals are a great environment for engaging with people who pass by our booth, because there can always be a common ground conversation-starter about who’s playing, or favorite artists, etc. The festivals we went to on this trip had a variety of demographics- families with young kids, teenagers in larger groups, and young adults- all with questioning looks, receptive ears, or powerful stories. Wherever we can reach a lot of people at one is a place for pro-lifers to be.  


Caleb: What would you like to say to all our friends who hosted us this summer?

Natalie: You guys are amazing! You opened your house to us and were generous and caring. I can not thank you enough for everything you all did! You don’t know how many times you saved us from freezing showers and rain storms, haha!

Angelique: Thank you sooo much! You were all so inviting and went out of your way to make us comfortable. It was awesome meeting you all and I can’t thank you enough for welcoming us into your beautiful homes.


Caleb: What do you think is the most effective part of Rock for Life’s outreach at Music festivals?

Natalie: I think firstly, that the right kind of compassionate, knowledgeable, and relatable person is the most effective tool. Secondly, would be the info cards and fetal development models. The cards give people little fact tidbits about the pro life movement. The fetal models allow people to see the lives that are being aborted, which is really powerful.

Angelique: I like being able to give out the info cards as a tangible part of sharing the pro-life message. Instead of someone walking away with just verbal information, they can take it with them and spread it to others. The fetal models also made people stop in their tracks, especially kids, and they are able to leave our booth knowing that all people were once as small as their finger, and that we need to work together to protect them at all costs.


We want to thank everyone involved in making this summer a success. Whether you gave financially, helped out at an event, or gave our team kind words, we appreciate all forms of support.




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