Thank you for helping sponsor a pro-life youth activist

Last month I sent out a plea to help sponsor a pro-life youth activist for the March for Life / Rock for Life weekend. So many of you prayed for us and so many of you donated. I am so sorry I haven’t sent out a Thank You until now, but THANK YOU SO MUCH! Our hotel rooms got paid for and most spots were full. We had so many awesome young / younger pro-life activists staying with Rock for Life for the weekend and here’s what a few of them had to say:

  • Rebecca C – Thank you so much for your generous donation. Each dollar helped support the efforts of young pro-lifers. The weekend was so encouraging and inspiring and allowed us to contribute in small ways that could make a big difference. Thank you!
  • Peter H – The weekend in D.C. with Rock for life was awesome. Thank you so much for blessing us with your donation without it we would never have been able to be there and feel the power that the pro-life movement has.
  • Kaley P – I can’t thank you enough for your contribution! This weekend has been an amazing expeirence. It’s incredible what God can do in the hearts of thousands. Thank you!
  • Trai F – The opportunity to serve once again in the march, amongst other things blessed my heart, and I pray for more opportunities to serve in the future. Thank you so much for contributing. May God bless you sevenfold.

So again a big huge THANKS! Thank you for investing into young pro-lifers who are not just the future leaders of the pro-life movement, but the leaders TODAY!