Surrogate mother refuses to abort baby with health complications.

A story reported this Wednesday on CNN has shocked many with the dramatic tale of a surrogate mother who was threatened with legal action when she refused to abort the baby she was carrying for another couple. Crystal Kelley was looking for a chance to help a family have a child and improve her financial situation so she offered to be a surrogate for a couple in need. Kelley could never have expected that she would eventually be offered 10,000 dollars by that same couple to abort the child she was carrying when it was discovered that the baby girl would suffer from extreme health issues.

The whole story can be read in detail here.

This was a story that had a happy ending but still contains a saddening fact. This couple, who employed Kelley, didn’t seem like bad parents. From all appearances, they seem to be very good parents to the children they already have. This might make it all the more shocking that they ask their unborn child to be terminated. From the story, it seems they felt this was the more “merciful” option.

But is it their call?

When it comes down to it, choosing to take a life should not be in our hands. Kelley saw this as a fact. It may seem merciful at first glance to end a child’s suffering before they enter this world. But the hard facts are these: That child had no control over how they developed and they deserve a chance at life just like any other human being. We have no way of knowing what one child’s life may turn out to be like. Sure, it could be hard and tragic. Or it could be full of love, laughter and joy. We must be the ones who have hope. Instead of taking the “easy” solution of snuffing out a child’s life prematurely, instead we should be looking for ways to make their life better.