SHOCKING VIDEO: Describing first day on-the-job procuring aborted baby parts

The Center for Medical Progress (TCMP), who has been releasing a series of videos exposing Planned Parenthood for selling aborted babies parts, just released another video. This one (see belwo), like all the others, is a doozy – a must watch.

In this video, which happens to be the first in a new series of videos, David Daleiden, Founder and Project Lead for TCPM interviews Holly O’Donnell, a former Procurement Technician for StemExpress, LLC. StemExpress sent Holly and other Procurement Technicians into Planned Parenthood abortion facilities to locate and gather aborted baby parts.

During this interview Holly talks about her first day on the job inside the Planned Parenthood abortion facility in Concord, California. Here is an excerpt:

“She’s showing me parts of, this is a leg, this is an arm, and then she says, ‘Put some gloves on.’ So I put the gloves on. She hands me the tweezers, and she goes, ‘Oh, can you show me some of the parts I just showed you?’ I said, ‘Yeah.’ And I put the tweezers in, and I put it on one of the limbs, and I’ve never felt this in my life, I felt the pain radiate through my hand. You can feel the death go up through, you know, it was something that was just alive. And I grabbed it, and I felt that, and I started to get woozy.”

O’Donnell says she then fainted and, “Next thing I know, I woke up in the recover room,” of the abortion clinic, where a nurse told her this experience was common and some abortion workers “never get over it.”

Holly O’Donnell has since left StemExpress, LLC and is a vocal opponent of which she witnessed take place inside Planned Parenthood abortion facilities. Please keep Holly, David and the TCMP in your thoughts and prayers.

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