Rock For Life Launches Next Phase Of Ministry

Media Release

For Immediate Release
May 25, 2010

Media Contact: Erik Whittington / 540-840-9764 /
Business Contact: Jeff White / 909-744-4479 /

Los Angeles, Calif. “We are excited about this next phase in our ministry,” said Erik Whittington, executive director of Rock For Life.  “there have been many changes throughout the years with Rock For Life but one thing stays constant – We will fight for the human rights of preborn individuals through music, education and action.  Our work will not, and has not ever been suspended.  We have many things planned and look forward to announcing them throughout the summer.”

Rock for Life and American Life League separated ways on Thursday, May 20th, 2010 ending an 11 1/2 year relationship that has seen the pro-life youth movement grow tremendously during that time.  “We are thankful for the support American Life League has shown us throughout the years,” said Whittington.  “We wish them and all their staff the best as they work to defeat the culture of death in our country.”

Rock For Life began as a one-time concert event in the Fall of 1993 in Southern California to raise funds for a pregnancy help center and raise awareness regarding the travesty of abortion.  This event, hosted by Bryan Kemper – the Founder of Rock For Life and the current President of Stand True Ministries ended up being a huge success.  This event, under the guidance of Jeff White led to the official launch of Rock For Life as a legal entity. Following the success of the first concert including a story on MTV and a baby saved, Rock for Life launched several more concerts and joined the Lollapalooza tour through out the summer of 1994.

In January of 1995 Erik Whittington joined forces with Bryan Kemper at the March for Life in Washington, DC,.  Erik had been doing pro-life booths at concerts in Portland, OR while Bryan was starting Rock fort Life in Southern California; realizing that their work was so similar they decided to combine their life saving efforts.

“I too am excited about this new phase of ministry for Rock For Life,” said Bryan Kemper.  “Music is a powerful tool that Rock For Life has used successfully to raise awareness, raise funds and save babies from abortion.  I am looking forward to a renewed friendship and partnership between Rock For Life and Stand True Ministries.”

To celebrate this exciting change Rock For Life will be hosting a concert during the Survivors Pro-Life Boot Camp June 28th in Los Angeles, California. Stay tuned at as this exciting news is developing quickly.

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