Pro-Life Apologetics Rundown: Rape

Being pro-life is awesome isn’t it? We are the side with hope, we love babies, love their mothers and love life! But just loving life isn’t going to help us explain why abortion is unjust. True, it should be common sense that babies deserve a right to live and women deserve better than abortion. Sadly though, our culture has become bogged down by bad reasoning to make their “choices” seem rational and compassionate.

I hope to help explain why there is NO excuse that makes abortion seem ok or acceptable. I will do this by providing you guys with a shortened version of how to defend common pro-choice arguments/questions about abortion.

I figured I would start with the most common objection pro-lifers hear.

Sure. Abortion is bad but what about rape? You wouldn’t force a woman to carry a child that was forced on her, would you?

Don’t panic.

Rape is a very emotionally charged subject and therefore it is often brought up as an issue when you say you are pro-life. Rape is a horrific attack on a woman and before I tell you all the talking points, I want you to keep this in mind: be gentle. You don’t know who you may be talking to! They could have been raped or known a loved one who has been raped. Regardless, make sure to use kindness as you speak and be sensitive to this person.

Now, when I am faced with this, I usually start out with common ground with the person. Rape IS horrible. Rape IS the violation of a woman. And women who have been raped deserve the best medical care and counseling that is available. And yes, carrying a child who is a result of rape won’t be a happy experience for the mother.

BUT. This child who resulted from this violent crime has done nothing to deserve the death penalty. Heck, we don’t even punish rapists with the death penalty! This innocent, fully human precious child is innocent. Are we allowed to kill people who remind us of a traumatic event? I would hope not.

My second point is that abortion is additional trauma for an already traumatized woman. This woman has already been violated. Abortion is not going to change that. Instead, it will further traumatize her. I will let you in on a secret: Abortion is not a natural procedure. It’s not a heart transplant, its not the removal of a kidney. It’s an incredibly invasive procedure that is aimed to harm, not heal. There are plenty of studies on post-abortive women who say that their abortion did not make things better, it was another violation of their body. Abortion makes rape worse. It doesn’t make it go away.

So that is a quick run-down of some counterpoints to the rape exception argument. We could go into further detail but I think that is a good start for you to talk to your friends, family and classmates about being totally pro-life no exceptions. We are the side who cares about women and their children. That is why we should not permit women in tragic situations to suffer another tragedy. Check out our website and please email us! We would love to hear your questions and pro-life stories.