2016TourMapFredericksburg, VA (June 1) The only national pro-life group to head on a summer music festival tour with the intention of reaching young people with a positive pro-life message will head out to dozens of states starting this month. The Rock for Life summer festival tour will go to 17 Christian music festivals as well as 41 stops in 53 days with the secular Vans Warped Tour.

“This summer will be our largest endeavor yet as we will be going to nearly triple the number of music festivals we have gone to in the past, including one of the biggest secular music festivals in the country,” said Erik Whittington, director and co-founder of Rock for Life, a program of Students for Life of America. “Many young people that we talk with, even at Christian festivals, are either undecided on abortion or are not pro-life, so reaching them at this crucial stage of figuring what they believe and why it is important. By presenting them with a positive pro-life message in a relaxed environment, we can start making a difference in their lives – and hopefully many others.”

This is the first summer that Rock for Life will be exhibiting on the Vans Warped Tour. They will be the only pro-life group represented. Attendees at the Vans Warped Tour is expected to be over 410,000 people. Over half a million people are expected to attend the Christian music festivals that Rock for Life will be exhibiting at as well.

“We have been able to have thousands of life-changing conversations with young people at these festivals, many of whom have never considered taking a stand on abortion or given a second thought to the greatest human rights tragedy in in our time,” said Whittington. “We have to meet these teens where they are, speak their language, and show them why being pro-life and speaking for the voiceless is so essential to changing the culture.”

Rock for Life was started in 1993 and became part of Students for Life of America in 2014. They are known for their edgy pro-life gear and merchandise and being the pro-life voice in the music entertainment industry.

“The vibe at these music festivals is totally different than at many other events that pro-lifers normally attend around the country, which really opens up new avenues to connect with young people and talk about abortion,” said Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America. “Rock for Life is uniquely equipped to attend these tours, both Christian and secular, and represent pro-lifers in a compassionate and loving way that ties together music and culture.”

To speak to Erik Whittington or Kristan Hawkins, please contact Kristina Hernandez.

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