Planned Parenthood President supports Obama SCOTUS nominee

ObamaLovesCecilePlanned Parenthood President Cecile Richards came out in support Obama’s SCOTUS nominee. Here is her statement:

“Judge Garland is an intelligent, highly accomplished judge who has secured bipartisan support in his previous appointments. Now that the President has upheld his constitutional duty, it is time for the Senate to uphold theirs. The American people deserve a full court and a justice appointed by the President they elected for four years — not three. It is time for the Senate to do their job and give Judge Garland a fair hearing and up or down vote.”

This is a huge red flag. If the president of the nation’s largest abortion provider supports a SCOTUS nominee, that is enough for pro-lifers to not support the nominee. If approved, the US Supreme Court will tilt even more so against the pro-life position potentially for generations to come.

Senate leadership should remain steadfast in their opposition to even allowing this nominee a hearing.

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