Planned Parenthood awards clinic for “exceeding abortion visits”

plannedparenthood108Many of us in the pro-life movement have known for years that abortion is a business to Planned Parenthood and other organizations who provide abortions.  Unfortunately many don’t believe us, and not surprisingly many abortion advocates or those who refer to themselves as “pro-choice” definitely don’t want to believe us.

Well, here is more proof that abortion is a money making business – an award given to it’s Aurora satellite abortion facility, from Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains for “exceeding abortion visits.”  In other words, the Aurora Planned Parenthood facility had an abortion quota to make.  They not only made that quote, they exceeded it.  If abortion isn’t a business, then quotas aren’t even spoken about.  If abortion is supposed to be RARE – then again quotas shouldn’t even be an issue.

According to “And Then There Were None” this photo was taken by a former clinic worker of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.