Participate In A Pro-Life March

As pro-lifers we need to tell our government, local, state and federal as well as our communities, the media and the world that we are pro-life, we are united, we are the majority and we want our voices heard. One way to do that is to join your local pro-life march.

Every year since 1974 pro-lifers have marched on Washington, DC around the anniversary of US Supreme Court decisions Roe v Wade and Doe v Bolton that has given us abortion on demand.

Since then, many other pro-life marches have sprung up around the country.

ACTION ITEM: Participate in one of these annual pro-life marches and earn 500 Rock for Life Street Team points.

How to earn your points: Simply attend a pro-life march, take a picture of you in the march. Then send the photo to us either by emailing it to, sending it through one of our social media channels or texting it to us at 540-903-8520. You can also post it on social media and either tag us, use hashtag #rflstreetteam or send us a link to your post. After 24 hours, check the Rock for Life Street Team leaderboard to make sure you have been credited with your points.

Thanks for taking action!

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