Northern Virginia is Pro-life Rally tomorrow

Tomorrow I will be speaking (along with many others) at the Northern Virginia is Pro-Life Rally.  If you are near Fairfax tomorrow why don’t you come out and be apart of this awesome event!

Besides yours truely you will get to hear Elizabeth Farah (, Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life of America) Peter Shinn, (Pro-Life Unity) and many others.  Also, musical entertainment will be provided by Emily & Anna Weisband and Maddy Curtis.  Emily & Anna have provided music at numerous Rock For Life events.  Many of you may have already heard Emily & Anna play at one of the numerous coffee shops in the area! You can hear their music by clicking here.

Also, Maddy Curtis hails from the Northern Virginia area, she was a contestant on American Idol and comes from a family of twelve whose mother is an award winning blogger!  We interviewed her earlier in the year on our podcast. Click here to listen.

Northern Virginia is perceived by many as non-friendly to the cause of human rights and justice for preborn children.  With a large number of pro-life groups located in the Northern Virginia area this is bound to change.  Polls tell us that more and more people, young and old are self-identifying themselves as pro-life.  With the elections coming up this is a perfect time for pro-life people to use the ballot box to speak out for the preborn.  Then, after the elections, no matter who holds public office our work continues by holding them accountable.  Let’s not forget our most important work, to personally be pro-life by continueing to educate those around us, get involved in pro-life projects, speak out, raise awareness and raise funds for important pro-life efforts.

Here’s the lowdown:

October 23, 2010 2-4pm
Government Center Ellipse
Fairfax, Virginia
For more info click here

Hope to see you there!

Erik Whittington,
Executive Director, Rock For Life