New York Abortion Rates Fell 21%!

New_York_Abortion_Rates_Fell__Great news Рin New York State the abortion rate has fell 21% over the last seven years! The New York State Department of Health just released the Vital Statistics of New York State 2014 which shows that the total number of abortions has dropped to 93,299 Рa 21% drop over the last seven years and an all-time low since it was legalized in New York State in 1970.

Although we have a lot of work to do this is great news that less babies are being aborted in New York State – that less women are choosing abortion for their child.

The more we continue to educate our peers and be a prayerful peaceful presence at abortion facilities nationwide we will continue to see drops in abortion and hopeful an end to the worst human rights violation of all time – abortion.

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