National Life Chain this Sunday

What are you doing this Sunday?

National Life Chain is this Sunday and you should consider participating!

A “Life Chain” is a pro-life visibility event where pro-life people get together at a public place (most notably on a public sidewalk alongside a busy road and/or intersection) and pro-life signs like, “abortion kills children,” “adoption: the loving option,” “abortion hurts women,” “pray to end abortion” and others. The idea is to spread the pro-life message and to be there as a resource in case anyone driving or walking by is pregnant and considering aborting their child.

National Life Chain is an annual day, (the first Sunday in October) where people participate in a “Life Chain” together with other pro-lifers throughout the country on the same day. This Sunday is the first Sunday in October, therefore it is National Life Chain Sunday!

I have a personal connection with a “Life Chain.” It is because of a “Life Chain” and those participating in one that I am pro-life. The morning before I ran into a “Life Chain” on a Saturday in Portland, Oregon I was for abortion, and strongly so. It was at this “Life Chain” that a truth was communicated to me that I had never heard of before or contemplated before – “abortion kills children.” That succinct truthful statement cut right into me. After thinking about it I accepted it as truth and I became pro-life and a pro-life activist.

Pro-life visibilty events like “Life Chains” and National Life Chain Sunday do save lives and do change hearts and minds.

So, I encourage you to participate. Go to, see if there is a “Life Chain” near you and join it! If there isn’t, get some friends together and start your own! It’s easy! Make homemade signs using poster board and permanent markers using the pro-life messages stated earlier.

Thank you so much and let me know how it goes!

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