Meet Nora-Missionary for Life 2017

Meet Nora, one of our Missionary for Life interns for the summer of 2017. Nora will be helping us spread the pro-life message on our Christian Music Festivals tour- 7 festivals, in 49 days traveling 5,691 miles!

Caleb Worrell: Tell us about yourself.

Nora: I am very passionate about spreading the pro-life message with all those I encounter and served as the Digital Intern for Students for Life of America. I have also served as the president of the Ball State Students for Life for three consecutive terms. I started a pregnant and parenting support group at my university this past semester and have been able to talk with and help many students navigate and balance their responsibilities at school and parenting.

Caleb: What is your focus at school and how will you apply that this summer?

Nora: I am pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Telecommunications with a focus in video production. This summer will give me an opportunity to meet lots of new people and hear their personal testimonies. On my journey I will be creating mini-documentaries on these individuals and why they are pro-life. I hope to create a compilation of these mini documentaries to show that the pro-life movement is very diverse and show how others serve within the movement.

In my free time I enjoy hanging out with my boyfriend, Austin, my friends and my family. I have been fortunate to have friends and family that are very supportive of my endeavors even if they don’t all agree with the mission entirely. I enjoy playing Euchre, Rummikub and other games. I also love creating material digitally such as: animations and graphics. I also love food! Some of my favorite include sushi, pasta, loaded nachos, steak, shrimp and last but not least, strawberries and other fruits.

Caleb: Where are you from?
Nora: Jasper, Indiana

Caleb: What are your favorite movies?
Nora: I’m not picky when it comes to films. Only types I won’t watch are horror movies.

Suspense Films – White House Down

Romance films – The Notebook

Rom-Coms – The Proposal.

Animated – Inside Out

Caleb: Do you like to read? If so, what are you reading right now?
Nora: I don’t read much, but I would like to finish reading Unplanned, as well as start reading Kristan Hawkins’ book, Courageous and a book called Subverted, about the Sexual Revolution hijacking the women’s movement.

Caleb: Who are your favorite bands?
Nora: This will be a new experience for me, as I don’t really listen to a lot of Christian Rock.

I have heard Blanca, Mercy Me, and Colton Dixon in concert and really enjoyed it. I love, Not Backing Down, Different Drum, Who I Am by Blanca. On contemporary radio stations, I listen to a variety of different music.

Caleb: Why are you pro-life?
Nora: I don’t even know where to begin. I have had a lot of moments where I have felt called to the pro-life movement. I grew up Roman Catholic and I can’t recall even knowing about abortion until I was in high school.

After joining my local Teens for Life in Southwestern Indiana, I met a young woman who was adopted from China and left by her biological mother in a basket in the train station. After hearing her story I couldn’t believe that anyone would do that to his or her child. Then I began to understand the One Child policy in China and how young women would be forced to abort their unborn due to the policy.

I then began volunteering to vigil outside an abortion clinic, I saw many young women who looked helpless and ashamed of having an abortion, but they felt that was their only option. I vowed from that moment forward that I would do all I could do to show love and compassion for all those whom felt they had no other choice. My motto is to be Pro-Women, Pro-Love and Pro-Life, no matter the circumstance from conception till natural death.

Caleb: What are you most excited for this summer?
Nora: I’m most excited to meet new people and share the pro-life message with all those we encounter. I want to show others that being Pro-Women is being Pro-Life, by educating them about abortion and its lasting effects on the lives of all individuals, from the parents to their grandchildren.

Caleb: What makes you want to give up your summer to be a Missionary for Life?
Nora: I want to be able to shine a positive light on to what it means to truly be a pro-life activist. I want to be able to show others how you can serve the pro-life community in your daily life in a variety of different ways.

We are very excited to have Nora as a part of our Missionary for Life team this summer. We can’t wait to see how she uses her talents to benefit the Missionaries for Life team this summer.

Nora will be touring with two other Missionaries for Life on the Rock for Life Summer Music Festivals tour. This tour focuses on Christian festivals throughout the Northeast and Midwest and works to educate young people about abortion and equip them with the knowledge and resources to become pro-life activists themselves. This is a huge opportunity to reach others with the pro-life message and is undoubtedly going to be an adventure for everyone involved.

The Missionaries for Life is a non-paid internship. Nora has set-up a fundraising page to help cover her costs. Please keep her and the Missionaries for Life team in your thoughts and prayers. If you feel led to donate to her, click here.

You can keep up with Nora and the rest of the Missionaries for Life this summer through the Rock for Life blog and our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Snapchat). You can also follow Nora directly through her fundraising page as well as her Facebook, instagram, and linkedin.

If you would like to donate to help us cover the expenses to make this happen, click here.

I can’t wait to introduce the rest of the Missionaries for Life to you. We have five more. Stay tuned!

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