Major Announcement Tomorrow

Students for Life of America is preparing to announce a MAJOR new initiative to accelerate the progress on defunding Planned Parenthood via a Facebook live event. Please attend this Facebook Live event tomorrow, Thursday, March 16th at 8pm Eastern time and be one of the first to hear about this new grassroots pro-life initiative. It is going to be huge!

This effort is going to be amazing and the Rock for Life Street Team will play an important role as Rock for Life is a sponsor of this initiative.

Go to now and click the “Get Reminded” button. Facebook will remind you so that you can return when the video broadcast begins. From there you will learn the breaking news!

ACTION ITEM: Watch, like and share the Students for Life of America’s Facebook Live event announcing this major new initiative to defund Planned Parenthood. Good for 500 Rock for Life Street Team points.

Once the Facebook live event is over let us know you accomplished this task. You can do so by sending us an email ( or text message (540-903-8520).

If you are not a member of the Rock for Life Street Team click here for more info and click here to join!

Thanks for taking action!

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