Let’s give Planned Parenthood a birthday present!

Planned Parenthood’s birthday (how ironic) is October 16th and we’d like to give them a present but it’s not going to be a pretty pink one.

Students for Life of America is launching an “I’m offended by Planned Parenthood” campaign and putting together a compilation of the best student videos to give to Planned Parenthood on their 100th birthday. Wouldn’t you like to be a part of this great campaign?

Planned Parenthood offends us. They offend many others, including many women who end up feeling betrayed by their shady business practices and the babies lives they end through the act of abortion.

We would like to hear from you – how does Planned Parenthood offend you? Make a short video recording why Planned Parenthood offends you. Make sure to include in the video, “I am offended that Planned Parenthood…” or, “Planned Parenthood offends me because…”

Here is a video some pro-life students filmed already made so you have an idea of what to do.

If you post your “I’m offended by Planned Parenthood” video on social media and tag us and/or use the hashtag #rflstreetteam you will earn 1,000 Street Team points.

If you make the final cut to be included in the “I’m offended by Planned Parenthood” video compilation you will earn 5,000 Street Team points.

All Street Team points can be redeemed for free Rock for Life merch but you must be a member of the Rock for Life Street Team. To join, go to www.rockforlifestreetteam.com

Thanks for participating!

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