High School student denied her right to start pro-life club

A pro-life public high school student, Madison Sutherland has been denied, at least so far, the right to start a pro-life club at her high school.  The school, Courtland High School in Spotsylvania, Virginia and it’s principal has received a demand letter from the Thomas More Society, who are prepared to take legal action if Sutherland’s request isn’t approved.

Why was it denied?  The first application was “incomplete,” according to Rene Daniels, Director of Communications. The second application was submitted Oct. 24th.  So far, no response.  As of yesterday that is 18 days, which seems to be beyond reasonable, especially considering their own school policy states the principal must respond within 10 days.

“Abortion is the greatest violation of human rights in our time, and I believe the pro-life message deserves a voice at my school,” said Sutherland. “I think my principal is taking a precautionary stance,” Sutherland said about the delay. “It’s discriminatory to not let me have the club.”

We are so thankful for Madison Sutherland for taking this stand at her school.  Not only are we thankful that she is starting a pro-life club at her school but she is also willing to stand up to her principal and the school district for delaying the response.  She has a right to start and maintain the club at her school.  It’s a first amendment right to free speech protected by the U.S. Constitution.

Also, a big thank you to her parents who are standing by her.  I know from experience that when pressured by the school so many students back down.  But when they want to take a stand their parents won’t allow.  Thank you mom!

Unfortunately I see another potential problem.  The school’s policy states that any applciation received after June 2nd won’t apply until the following school year.  In other words, when it is approved they are going to try and delay the implementation until the 2015/2016 school year.  Another form of discrimination!  Stay tuned!

For more information read the Students for Life of America blog here, an article in the Free Lance-Star as well as CBS6.