Franklin Graham willing to got to jail over HHS Mandate

Franklin Graham would rather break the law, risking arrest, fines and/or jail time rather than comply with the Obama administration’s HHS Mandate.  I found this very inspiring.  Why?  What if we are unsuccessful in fighting this mandate that you and I, through our health insurance policy will pay for abortion-causing pills in the name of “contraception’ and “women’s health?”  What are you willing to risk?

Franklin Graham joins a number of Christian leaders, like Rick Warren, Dr. Richard Land and Dr. Albert Mohler who have come out in open defiance of this mandate.

Personally I am except as I don’t have medical insurance for me or my family.  I am a member of a Christian medical expenses sharing non-profit.  Somehow we became except from ObamaCare and what I understand will be exempt from this mandate.

But what if that changes?  What would I do to comply with my conscience?  What will you do?