Changing Lives at Vans Warped Tour

IMG_1038“Honestly I love what you guys are doing. The conversation I had with one of you at Warped (tour) yesterday changed my perspective a lot.”

Working in the pro-life movement we love stories. Stories of saved children, adoption opportunities, and more crop up at every event we work, and getting to take part in those conversations and stories is one of the coolest opportunities I believe I will ever have. “Conversion stories” (instances where we can educate and convert some one from a pro-abortion stance to a pro-life one) are personal favorites for me because of the integral part Rock for Life team members get to take in these conversions.

Working a booth at any event places us in a position of great opportunity to educate others about what it means to be pro-life. This year at Warped Tour we have really seen the value of that position demonstrated in the stories we have collected from festival goers. Not only do we get to educate others and add members to the pro-life family but we get to create a legacy of life by knowing that the people who’s minds are changed are now working beside us promoting and educating others towards a pro-life view.

One example of these conversions is our friend Alissa. On Wednesday June 29th, Alyssa stopped by our tent at the Nashville stop of Vans Warped Tour. For those of you who don’t know, Vans Warped Tour is a mainstream, secular event that draws thousands of young people at every stop, sometimes over 10,000! They allow us to set up a tent to promote the Human Rights for All and Adoption Saves Lives message. Alissa met Bernard (one of our warped tour team members) and they tackled the question “when do human rights begin?” Alissa initially believed that human rights began once brain waves are detectable. After a discussion with our team Alyssa eventually changed her answer to when the baby starts forming, which is day 1!

We are having numerous conversations like this daily. It is amazing!

After changing her perspective she has committed to being a voice for pre-born children be influencing her peers. How awesome is that?

With all this in mind Rock for Life has a current need for team members who are looking to have these conversations and motivate others to be outspoken in there pro-life beliefs. This summer we’d like to add team members to both our warped tour team and our festival tour team. So if you are passionate about being pro-life and ready to take up a vital part in these stories contact us at and we will get you involved. Whether it’s just for one warped tour event or one summer festival, prayer, financial support, or even coming on to tour with us we’d love your help this summer!

Click here to view the full Vans Warped Tour schedule. Hope to see you there!