Babies Grow Up, Give Concert in Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC, Jan. 21 — Punk, Hardcore, alternative — all the Gen X favorites — descend on Washington this weekend for a Saturday night concert preceding the annual March for Life, marking the 27th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade.

“Those first marches back in the 70s and early 80s were for us,” said RFL concert coordinator Erik Whittington. “We were the babies pro-lifers were trying to protect from being crushed up and sucked out. Thank you for caring — here we are!”

The January 22 concert features the Huntingtons, SaGoH 24/7 and Devoted Molded at the Crystal Forum at the Crystal City Marriott in Arlington, VA at 8 pm.

Fans say they’re using their voices now to speak for the one third of their generation — or more — who can’t make it to the concert because they’re dead — casualties of abortion.

The new “survivor culture” has been highlighted on the cover of Washington Post Magazine, the New York Times and a few hundred other publications throughout the country. Meanwhile, RFL founder Bryan Kemper is now a regular on ABC’s Politically Incorrect, where he exchanges rhetorical blows with PI host Bill Maher about the meaning of life and whether or not preborn children are simply “inanimate goo,” as Maher put it on one show.

“Chapter one — inanimate goo rises and walks,” says Kemper.

Kemper says RFL isn’t going away. The organization is committed to staying focused on its mission to educate Generation X — and the generation that follows — on the truth about abortion, contraception and the “culture of death” through music.

The concert sponsors ask only for a $5 dollar donation for admission.

RFL is sponsoring similar events this weekend in Pensacola, Florida and Elgin, Illinois.