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A few weeks ago I was in Rapid City, South Dakota working the Rock for Life booth at Hills Alive Music Festival. While I was there I had the opportunity to get connected with AsWeAre, a punk/alternative band who was playing at the festival. AsWeAre are a great group of guys who are committed to being socially conscious, and using their position to promote human rights, and demand these rights for the unborn. We are proud to introduce AsWeAre as our newest band partner, and are excited to continue working with them.

Caleb: Dale, Tell us about AsWeAre.

Dale: “We are AsWeAre. I (Dale) started AsWeAre in 2012. The name was birthed with the idea that we are acceptable AsWeAre. We shouldn’t and do not have to be anyone other than who we are. That is how God created us and we shouldn’t feel like we are insufficient in ourselves. Our weaknesses and our imperfections are what make us unique and beautiful.

AsWeAre started after the band I was involved with before fell apart. I felt like we were on different pages and we had lost our effectiveness and lost sight of what our end goal was. When I started AsWeAre I wanted it to be different from the name to the connective abilities of the music, lyrics, and approach. I felt it all started with a becoming name, thus AsWeAre.

We play music to connect with people honestly. I feel the best way to influence, make an impact or change in someone’s life is being able to connect (with them). The songs are all personal experiences that are very real to many people through heartbreak, loss, pain, love, victory, all the things that we experience in life. We play music to be a positive impact on those who listen.”

Caleb: So I understand this has been a busy summer for AsWeAre?

Dale: “We have been on the road pretty much since May. We will be home Aug 21 and head back out Aug 29 until the end of Sept. If doors open, we will keep going as long as they keep opening. In the mean time we will work to finish the new EP that we started back in May. Our plan is to be back on the road in Jan and be going as much in 2017 as possible.”

Caleb: On the subject of your shows, we wanted to thank you for wearing RFL shirts on stage. Dale you wore the All Lives Matter shirt, what made you choose that one?

Dale: “I personally love the All Lives Matter shirt. A lot of hate came from a pic that was released of me wearing it. I was called a racist, a woman hater, a bigot, stupid, and called a lot of not so great names. I was told I was aiming to undermine the Black Lives Matter movement. I’ve read up on line and there is a lot of press that has been preaching such things. The reason I love it is because to me all lives do matter. If we want to make an effective change in our world all life has to matter to us. If it doesn’t we need to question our existence on this planet. If it doesn’t we are living in a selfish place where we see ourselves as being more important than the other lives we share this place with. Watching all the hate come at me let me see the heart of a lot of peo13707811_1124140000985834_4195694291073149610_nple. It let me see how closed minded and intolerant a lot of people are to ideas that differ from their own. The same people fighting for all these rights and freedom of speech etc. are the same ones that are so intolerant of people that have opinions different from their own. They are quick to speak their minds as well and get very hateful. I just found it very amusing. I wanted to lash out back at them but that would do nothing but prove that they were able to get to me and my lashing out would just widen the divide.

You asked how I see All Lives Matter. I believe all life matters. From the womb to every race, creed, and color of people on the earth. I don’t believe that we have the right to pick and choose whose life matters. We should fight for every life whether it is the unborn child, the poverty stricken people of third world nations, or just everyday people we see daily. Life is a sacred thing and until we see that we are going to have the respect for it fully as we should. We are not God and do not have the power to say what life is more important than others. Unfortunately, most of our publications are propaganda of the media. That is all they know is what they hear from the media. They rally around the most extreme issues they can because it makes them feel like they are accomplishing and standing for something. Unfortunately, a lot of the things the media promotes and brings people to rally to are very detrimental to the sanctity of life in general. I hope and pray that one day we will all wake up and quit being so blind and quit falling into the trap that our society has built for us all.

We feel like Rock for Life gets all of this. However, I feel like the people on the other side feel threatened by all of this. The idea of equality in their mind is very different. This is a message that has to be presented through action and not through speech. If life matters, then your actions will back that up by lifting up others even those who may come against or hate on you.”

Caleb: You told us you had a social media campaign leveled against you over wearing RFL shirts, tell us about that.

Dale: “Well honestly it’s called freedom of speech. People can and are free to say what they want. I do feel the attacks were very one sided. People that have no idea who we are, have never heard our music, and no nothing about the nature of our band made statements that were so far off that it was stupid. At least know your facts before you go after someone. However that is the nature of protesters. They see something going on and jump on board without investigating the cause at all. But such is our society now. I just hope that those that know us will continue to come to our defense.”

“We appreciate everything RockForLife has done for us and look forward to working together in the future.”

Thanks so much Dale!
“Thanks so much.”

AsWeAre is:
Dale Vaughn: Vocals/guitar
Caden Vaughn: Drums
Aaron Martin: Bass/Backing Vocals

You can support AsWeAre through social media:

Facebook AsWeAre
Twitter @aswearerocks
Instagram @asweare_band

If you would like to help financially you can give through paypal just send gifts to
Give them a listen and a like on Spotify, or reverb nation, just search AsWeAre.
If you’d like to book AsWeAre reach out to them via social media or email for booking opportunities.

-Caleb Worrell (RFL Programs Coordinator)

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