Are you pro-life? Depends on the situation…

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 6.01.28 PMThis blog entry is written by Sean Carr, one of our Summer Festivals Tour interns:

“It all depends on the situation, if someone was raped they should be allowed to have an abortion.”

We had an interesting experience at the Alive music festival. Two of us, myself included, we were standing in front of our booth when I heard two sisters, one very young and the other slightly older talking about our t-shirts. The older one was telling her younger sister that she should not buy a pro-life t-shirt because she wouldn’t want people talking about it or yelling at her for it. I went over and asked if they were pro life. The younger sister nodded vigorously and said yes, the older one hesitated and then said that it all depended on the scenario. She then told us that a friend of hers had been raped and had an abortion. She believed that abortion was okay in the case of rape.

This is an extremely difficult situation to talk about. It is so important in a situation like this, where someone has had a personal experience with abortion, in this case a friend being raped and having an abortion, to truly care for and love the person that you are talking to.

In this case, tragically, the mother chose to take the life of her child. In this situation we are talking to a friend of a person who has been through all of the horrors of rape. It is extremely difficult to convey to someone that their friend who had to suffer through all of this, did something wrong. It is important to emphasize that although abortion is a serious moral wrong, the only person who is at fault here is the rapist who put the mother in that situation. There should have been more support for the mother, more care, more options. My heart absolutely breaks for this mother feeling trapped and feeling forced into having an abortion after she had already been attacked.

The conversation was extremely difficult, and the girl began crying and ran away before we could comfort her. Her younger sister also began crying, saying that she did not understand why someone would ever have an abortion. We were able to comfort the younger sister and explain how difficult this situation is and how important it is to care for people who have been hurt by abortion.

We felt a bit hopeless and felt bad that a better outcome didn’t come about this. But, the next day both of the girls came back to our booth, said hello, and bought the shirts that they were debating with each other on whether to get or not. The discussion was clearly very difficult for the older sister, but it must have struck a chord. One day she was telling her younger sister not to buy a pro-life t-shirt because of what people might say, and the next day she bought one for herself. I was really worried that we had not been able to get our points across because of how difficult the situation was, but in the end we made a difference and helped these girls see through a very difficult and very personal issue. I was really proud of myself, the other interns, and Rock for Life through this difficult experience.

I really do understand firsthand how difficult it is to talk to someone who has had a personal experience with abortion. If you find yourself in a situation talking to someone who has a friend or loved one who has had an abortion, there are a lot of good ways to approach the issue and show that you care for them and that they can be pro-life and still care for and love their friend. Here is an article that has really helped me get better at realizing how to talk with people who have friends who have had abortions:

Thanks for your prayers and support. Without you we aren’t able to be at these events changing hearts and minds!