Action Item: Tell Your Pro-Life Story

Are you pro-life? If so, then why?

Everyone has a reason or a story of why they are pro-life. You may not think it’s a sensational story but it may be exactly what someone needs to hear to push that fence-rider over the edge to be pro-life or to move from being pro-life to acting pro-life.

Whatever it is, we want to hear your story and possibly share it with the world. Who knows – your story could change someone’s mind, maybe even save a baby’s life!

ACTION ITEM: Tell Your Pro-Life Story

This Street Team Action Item is worth 2,000 points.

How to earn your points: Tell us why you are pro-life. Write your story out and send it to us at Your story can be as short or long as you want. If we like it and post it on our website (with your permission, of course) you earn 2,000 Rock for Life Street Team points. We will help you edit the final version before we publish it. If your story has been published, please tell us.

You must be a member of the Rock for Life Street Team to earn your Rock for Life Street Team Points. For more information about the Rock for Life Street Team and how to sign up, click here. For more Rock for Life Street Team Action Items, click here.

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