ACTION ITEM: Design a pro-life t-shirt

Are you a graphic designer? Can you make awesome, stylish, shirt designs? Why not use your sweet skills to design the next pro-life shirt for Rock for Life? If you have a good idea for a t-shirt, or would like to redesign one of our slogans, show us! Don’t be afraid to get creative. Make what you believe is the hippest pro-life shirt on the market and if we use it, as is or slightly modified, you will earn Rock for Life Street Team points redeemable for sweet pro-life merch!

ACTION ITEM: Design a pro-life t-shirt.

This Street Team Action Item is worth 20,000 points.

How to earn your points: Design a pro-life t-shirt. Send your design to If we use your design, as is or slightly modified, you’ll get 20,000 points (redeemable for free pro-life swag) and one of the shirts you designed.

If you are not a member of the Rock for Life Street Team click here for more info and click here to join!

Thanks for taking action.

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