Abortionist points gun at peaceful praying pro-lifers

The Women’s Medical Center is one of hundreds of abortion facilities across America that are targets of a 40 Days for Life, which is a forty day prayer and fasting vigil to end abortion.

“Dr.” Gary Boyle, the abortionist at this facility decided he couldn’t take the prayers and vigils at his abortion facility any longer so he decided to draw a gun on the folks, according to TriCities.com. Classy. Now he is charged with a felony.

The violence of abortion is all around us, inside the clinic and sometimes even right outside the doors.  The violence perpetrated by those who claim to be pro-choice has been documented on ProChoiceViolence.com.  Plus, I personally have been a victim of it numerous times.

What is the response of 40 Days for Life? To continue praying and fasting for an end to abortion.  That is our response as well.  Is that yours?

Erik Whittington
Executive Director, Rock For Life