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Volunteer needed next weekend at Harrisburg Penn. event

Hey! I have a volunteer opportunity coming up and want to see if you are interested. Next weekend, February 26th – 28th Rock for Life will be exhibiting at Pursue 2016, a Christian Teen Convention that will take place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. I could use a volunteer to help me run the table. Helping me…

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VIDEO: What if Planned Parenthood were defunded?

Planned Parenthood has always claimed that pro-lifers and/or fiscal conservatives who want to stop tax payer funding of Planned Parenthood want to cut off funding for basic women’s health care. This is far from the truth! This excellent video from Students for Life of America helps to educate the average citizen how to respond to…

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Thank you for helping us renew our vehicle insurance!

Thank you so much to everyone who helped us in renewing our vehicle insurance policy!  On February 22nd I sent out an email asking you to help us, either with your prayers or your pocketbooks to come up with$396 to renew our vehicle insurance policy.  In less than 48 hours our goal was met!  We…

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Say NO! To Abortion Pills in Vending Machines – Sign this petition today!

Earlier this week we learned that Shippensburg University has a vending machine in their Health Center that has, amongst all things, morning-after abortion pills (Plan B). This is outrageous! How is offering morning-after abortion pills to young college students possibly pregnant, scared and in need of some real help – health care? It’s not! To…

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