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PHOTOS: National Pro-Life Chalk Day Spring 2014

National Pro-Life Chalk Day this spring was a success.  More and more people are getting involved, chalking their sidewalks in their communities and college campuses and therefore more and more people are reading the messages and stopping to discuss the pro-life topic.  We are so excited to see more and more people not only get…

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Favorite National Pro-Life Chalk Day Photos

These are my favorite photos that I’ve seen so far from last week’s National Pro-Life Chalk Day.  Check them out! Great job everyone!  The next Chalking Day is February 2, 2012.  See you then!

TOMORROW: National Pro-Life Chalk Day!

Tomorrow we, Rock for Life alongside Students for Life are co-sponsoring  National Pro-Life Chalk Day! On February 3rd we held the first ever national event and it was a huge success! I personally chalked at the University of Mary Washington and oh boy did I cause quit the controversy! The more we talk about abortion…

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Chalking last night

I got started a little early.  National Pro-Life Chalk Day is today but with all the excitement I couldn’t help myself so I met up with the Students for Life group at Mary Washington University and we did some chalking.  Below are some photos of my work. While one of the students was chalking “Abortion…

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