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VIDEO: Planned Parenthood representative argues for post-birth abortion

This is unbelievable!  Here is an exchange between a Planned Parenthood representative and Florida state legislators about what to do with a baby who has survived an abortion.  Florida is considering requiring abortionists to provide medical care to a baby who survived an abortion.  This Planned Parenthood representative dodges questions and is seemingly very uncomfortable…

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Oh Look, another abortion coupon

These guys are so nice, aren’t they?  Free pap smear with the purchase of one abortion.  Now, $125 off an abortion pill. Is their abortion business struggling so bad they need to market with coupons?  Pitiful – IMHO! Thanks Steve @ for the heads up 😀

Free Pap Smear with Abortion Coupon?

Yep, that’s right.  All Women’s Health Center of Orlando (and of Tampa), is offering a free pap smear with the purchase of an abortion.  Wow, great deal huh?  Abort your child and get a little health care for free.  Only one coupon per mother. DISTURBING – IMHO

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