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Chafee appoints abortionist to transition team

Wow, sometimes you think you’ve heard it all.  Not in this case.  Governor-elect Lincoln Chafee (Rhode Island) has appointed an abortionist to his transition team.  Not only that, but it appears that the abortionist, “Doctor” Pablo Rodriguez apparently performed illegal abortions in a South American country. It gets better, I mean worse.  In High in the…

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Abortionist pleads guilty to manslaughter

According to the Cape Cod Times an abortionist yesterday in Barnstable Superior Court pleaded guilty to manslaughter.  Three years ago yesterday Dr. Rapin Osathanondh aborted Laura Hope Smith’s preborn baby.  His actions during this abortion led to her death. Basically what happened is that Osathanondh put Laura Hope under anesthesia before aborting her child.  During and after…

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Hepatitis C Outbreak at Abortion Facility

So far 44 cases of Hepatitis C can be linked to an abortion facility, Croydon Day Surgery in Australia.  Some expect that the number of cases could eventually reach 100 or more. The abortionist at this facility, Dr. James Latham Peters is being investigated obviously for criminal behaviour.  Over half of the infections are identical…

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