Last Friday there was a shooting at a Planned Parenthood abortion facility where three persons (two civilians and one police officer) have died as well as nine others were injured. Right now we do not know the motive of the shooter, even though there has been information leaked that he mentioned, “no more baby parts” to a police officer during interrogations.

There have been many, including Planned Parenthood employees, who have been quick to blame this on a pro-lifer and the pro-life movement. Let’s make this perfectly clear – the pro-life movement condemns all violence against human beings, born and preborn. To quickly blame this on a movement that is for LIFE, has always been against violence and always will, is misguided and for some politically motivated.

Pro-life is pro-peace – for the preborn, for born babies, for moms considering aborting their child, for those pressuring or even forcing a woman to abort, for advocates of abortion, for workers at abortion facilities and for the men and women who abort those babies.

Pro-life is pro-sacrifice. We donate our time to help moms in need, to educate others about the evils of abortion, we donate our finances to offer supplies to moms in need as well as homes for unwed mothers. We foster and we adopt. The police officer who was murdered by this madman was a pro-life Christian, putting his life on the line to protect strangers from attacks like this one.

Life is our answer for all situations, never violence. We must continue to practice what we preach and use this opportunity to strike down misconceptions promoted by the abortion advocating crowd, while showing our friends and family what pro-life really means.

Do not let this vile attack against humanity slow us down. We must continue to not just talk pro-life, but to be pro-life – by continuing to educate our peers, to help moms in need, to counsel those who have been effected by abortion, by advocating for foster care and adoption.

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