Organize A Pro-Life T-shirt Day At Your School

Wearing a pro-life t-shirt to your school is brave and very effective at sparking conversations, possibly converting hearts and minds and maybe even saving a baby’s life from abortion. You can multiply the effect by getting your friends together to all wear pro-life shirts on one day. Be a united force to promote the pro-life message of compassion and love. Let’s do this!

ACTION ITEM: Organize a Pro-Life T-Shirt Day at your school

This Street Team action item is worth 2,000 points

How to earn your points:¬†Organize a group of ten, including yourself to all wear a pro-life shirt to the same school on the same day. Take a group picture (with everyone in it) with your school’s sign visible in the background. Then send the photo to us either by emailing it to, sending it through one of our social media channels or texting it to us at 540-903-8520. You can also post it on social media and either tag us, use hashtag #rflstreetteam or send us a link to your post. After 24 hours, check the Rock for Life Street Team leaderboard to make sure you have been credited with your points.

You may perform this Street Team action as much as you’d like but only once a month redeemable for Street Team points.

If you are not a member of the Rock for Life Street Team click here for more info and click here to join!

Thanks for taking action!

P.S. If you are wearing a pro-life t-shirt to a public high school, you have a Constitutional right of free speech to do so. If you are asked by a public school administrator to cover or turn inside out your pro-life t-shirt, we advise you to do as asked but we ask that you contact us as soon as possible. We will have a lawyer review your school’s dress code and start a conversation with them to review your right to free speech.

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