10 things to save babies


1. Remember the babies in your daily thoughts and prayers. Every day say a prayer to end abortion and to ask what you can do to save children from being aborted.

2. Get educated. Keep up-to-date on current pro-life events by regularly visiting our blog, Students for Life of America’s blog, LifeNews.com, and LifeSiteNews.com

3. Write pro-life papers or speeches for school. This is a great way to spread the pro-life message to your teacher and your classmates. Contact us if you need any help finding information for your project.

4. Wear a pro-life t-shirt. You’ll be amazed at the conversations that your t-shirt will start! Remember that you have a Constitutional right to wear a pro-life t-shirt to your public school. If you don’t have a pro-life t-shirt, you can get one at RockForLifeStore.com. Write us if you need more information on your constitutional right of free speech at a public high school or college.

5. Write a letter. Unfortunately there are many politicians, companies, entertainers, and musicians who publicly support abortion. Take a few minutes to write a letter to these people or groups explaining your disappointment of their pro-abortion position.

6. Pass out pro-life literature at your school and/or in your community. This is a great way to educate your peers. Students for Life of America has some excellent resources to hand out. Check out their products here.

7. Get involved with your high school, home school or college campus pro-life group. If your high school doesn’t have a pro-life club, click here to find out how you can start one; if your college campus doesn’t have a pro-life club, click here to find out how you can start one.

8. Get involved with Rock for Life by joining our Summer Festivals Tour Team.  Contact us here!

9. Join a peaceful prayerful presence outside a local abortion facility. This is a baby’s last chance at life and a mother’s last chance to have her mind changed. You can be there to offer another option. Contact 40DaysForLife.com to join.  

10. Volunteer your time at a Pregnancy Resource Center. Google “Abortion Alternatives” in your area to find one.